Intel NUC 11 Pro (NUC11TNKi5) Review: Tiny Package, Big Potential

Tiny PCs make a lot of sense in homes and offices where there isn’t enough space for full-sized desktop towers. Not everyone needs top-end hardware with elaborate cooling mechanisms and multiple hard drives – and much of the volume inside today’s PC cabinets is actually empty thanks to increased integration. If you can get all your work done on a laptop, you’re already using components that can be packed into much smaller spaces. So why aren’t tiny PCs, such as Intel’s NUC lineup, more popular?

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. Not a lot of people know that such

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This Tiny Gadget Can Upgrade The Sound Of Your Smartphone Or Laptop

It was a dark day when smartphone makers ditched the headphone jack. I like wired headphones and I don’t always want to go wireless. I own some great earphones and when I’m working from home, I would like to use them with my phone. 

If you own a modern smartphone, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to plug in a pair of wired headphones. When Apple first

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