Microsoft expands computer tech program to Juarez

Tech giant will pair industry professionals with high school teachers to prepare students for computer science career, skilled industry jobs

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Microsoft Corp. is expanding its computer science education program to four public schools in Juarez.

The Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) already operates in 23 El Paso campuses, pairing up working professionals with high school teachers and curriculum specialists to enhance computer skills in underserved communities.

“The TEALS expansion to Mexico marks

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Tech Athletics unveils redesigned

BLACKSBURG – In conjunction with its website partner SIDEARM Sports, the Virginia Tech athletics department launched a redesigned Wednesday, taking another step forward in its commitment to fan experience through digital innovation.

“Each year, over two million people visit”, said Brad Wurthman, VT’s Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Operations. “As a department, we are committed to elevating the fan experience, both in-person and digitally. We reevaluated all of our digital touchpoints over the last year and I’m incredibly proud of Kyle Bruce, Damian Salas, Lance Dozier, and the rest of the Digital Strategy

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Vermont web design firm works toward gender equality in tech careers

Eternity is a web design firm located in Burlington, Vermont. Named Best Web Developer in Vermont by the Best of Business Awards consecutively since 2018, the firm couldn’t be more proud to have a 50% female team in such a male-dominated industry.

With services going above and beyond industry standards, Eternity offers clients top-tier solutions for all things web. Eternity is 50% co-owned by Mollie Lannen who is dedicated to increasing female presence in tech careers. Her goal is to create a space where women in tech can come get their start and be given an opportunity to grow.


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From SSDs to USB hubs, these gadgets are designed to create the ultimate desk setup for tech lovers!

I truly believe a great desk setup can make your workday 10x better! And what makes a desk setup truly great? The gadgets and products you amp it up with! Gearing up your desk with the right gadgets that’ll help you elevate your daily productivity, and carry out the simplest tasks efficiently is imperative. And luckily for us, there’s a whole range of super cool and innovative products out there! From a PC with attachable screens, LED bar, wireless charging, and more to an SSD that is the all-powerful accessory your laptop needs – these gadgets are the must-haves all

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Tech firm born in Maine uses AI to monitor commercial fishing

A company that got its start in Maine is using artificial intelligence to improve data collection for groundfish fishermen and fisheries management officials. 

New England Marine Monitoring’s new technology could eliminate the need for onboard human observers for ground fishermen, resulting in safer, faster, and more accurate and affordable monitoring and data collection, according to CEO Mark Hager. 

Currently, the groundfish fishery requires that 40 percent of a fisherman’s trips be monitored, especially with quotas for many groundfish species at historic lows. Traditionally, this monitoring has been done in person, on board the vessel. 

But it’s no easy job, which

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Scientists discover ‘missing piece’ in quantum computing breakthrough | Science & Tech News

Scientists from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, have announced the discovery of a major breakthrough in quantum computing.

To date, quantum scientists and computer engineers have only been able to use proof-of-concept models of quantum processors that work with just a few spin qubits, the quantum equivalent of a bit.

Now, new research published in the journal Science Advances has identified a technique which the researchers claim will enable them to control millions of these qubits.

The team considers their design the “missing jigsaw piece” in quantum computer architecture.

Ian King: British innovation will be key to success of merger dubbed 'Apple of quantum computing'

Ian King: British innovation will be key

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Hashtag Trending July 26- RBC adds 300 tech jobs to Calgary; DNS error brings down major services; Loneliness is on the rise due to technology

Hashtag Trending Podcast

RBC’s new innovation hub adds another 300 tech jobs to Calgary, A DNS error brought down major services on Thursday, and technology is attributing to loneliness in adolescents.


It’s all the tech news that’s trending right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Monday, July 26, and I’m your host, Tom Li.

RBC is bringing 300 tech jobs to its new Calgary innovation hub. Set to launch in September, the hub will reside within RBC’s current office in Banker Hall at the heart of downtown Calgary. Job openings in areas such as artificial intelligence, data engineering, software development among others have

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