A Case Study With Steve Ohanians

In a world where web design is increasingly competitive, one firm hasn’t just succeeded but stood the test of time.  I recently had the opportunity to interview WebEnertia co-founder Steve Ohanians about his entrepreneurial journey after they landed on the Inc 5000 list. He and his co-founder Valod Amirkhanian were in their 20s, working from Amirkhanian’s parents’ spare room, when they first started the business. Now, they serve major clients like Google, Facebook, and Cisco as well as others in

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How Website Design Continues to Evolve, a Short Study

With the popularity of the online world in modern times, there seems to be exponential advances in website design to try and capitalise on the ever-growing demand. The reasons behind this phenomenon are endless. However, the main driving factors are relatively obvious when one looks deep enough.

Heavy Incentives to Improve Website Design

In this article, let’s discuss some of the reasons that influence the constant innovation of web design systems. As well as why it is great news for would-be business owners or website developers.

There is a plethora of reasons why companies continue to improve on website

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