PC, internet, smartphone: what’s the next big technological epoch? | John Naughton

One of the challenges of writing about technology is how to escape from what the sociologist Michael Mann memorably called “the sociology of the last five minutes”. This is especially difficult when covering the digital tech industry because one is continually deluged with ‘new’ stuff – viral memes, shiny new products or services, Facebook scandals (a weekly staple), security breaches etc. Recent weeks, for example, have brought the industry’s enthusiasm for the idea of a “metaverse” (neatly dissected here by Alex Hern), El Salvador’s flirtation with bitcoin, endless stories about central banks and governments beginning to worry about

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This sleek, Japanese power bank charges your smartphone over 14 times and your laptop over 3.5 times!

Have a good look at this portable battery bank for laptops or other gadgets that’ll be of great utility for coworking spaces as well as work-from-home setups.

Amongst the crowded space occupied by power banks for digital devices, and even laptops, here is a portable laptop power bank that defies the confines of the conventional. It looks more like a smart lantern or a smart speaker, but in fact, this cool-looking accessory is a power bank designed by Okamura. Christened OC, this portable battery is high in form and function, targeted towards the work-from-home regime. After all, Murphy’s law does

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This Tiny Gadget Can Upgrade The Sound Of Your Smartphone Or Laptop

It was a dark day when smartphone makers ditched the headphone jack. I like wired headphones and I don’t always want to go wireless. I own some great earphones and when I’m working from home, I would like to use them with my phone. 

If you own a modern smartphone, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to plug in a pair of wired headphones. When Apple first

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