Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market 2021

Internet of Things (IoT) security is a whole new ball game for enterprise security to deal with. It concerns securing tens of billions of devices that each represent a port of entry to organizational systems.

Yet, despite the obvious security nightmare posed by the IoT, there is a strong desire to fully exploit its business and management potential. Governments around the world, for example, are partnering with IoT vendors to add connected sensors and devices as part of smart city projects. Manufacturers are connecting disparate systems within their operations to provide far more granularity into processes, output, and products. Consumers,

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Computer security personnel need tools, training to assist survivors of intimate partner violence


Survivors of intimate partner violence who experience tech abuse often reach out to computer security companies for help. But the customer support personnel at these companies are not sufficiently prepared to handle such cases, research from the University of Michigan School of Information finds.

Through a multipronged approach, U-M doctoral students Yixin Zou and Allison McDonald and assistant professor Florian Schaub, along with colleagues from Cornell Tech and Norton Research Group, go right to the subjects—those customer support agents—to find out where training falls short in helping IPV survivors and what can be done to address the

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