Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable Review: A Great but Overpriced Hybrid

First, there was the iPad. Then Microsoft’s Surface came along and showed that you could get real work done on a tablet. Or, at least, some people can. The hybrid laptop-tablet design is either the best of both worlds or the worst, depending on what you need to get done.

Whether you love it or hate them, hybrids are here to stay, and Apple and Microsoft are no longer the only players. The new Dell Latitude 7320 joins the Surface line and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X12 (review forthcoming) to round out a growing field of options. The new detachable Latitude is

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Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H 15.6″ business laptop (review)

The Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H 15.6″ is a down to business laptop – no frippery, tinsel and glitter. You get a keenly priced, good honest workhorse that you can rely on.

Strange introduction for a laptop where fancy milled patterns and angular looks can sway a buyer – only to find it is not really all that suitable for business use. It is not that the Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-H dark blue, verging on black, ABS case is bland, but it won’t catch your eye, and that would be a huge mistake.

You see, Dynabook developed a checklist of the

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iMac (M1, 2021) Review: The Future Looks Bright

The iMac has always been about design – making the computer itself something you want to look at or put on display, rather than just a tool that occupies desk space. Apple was one of the first companies to capitalise on people’s desire to make a statement with their workspaces and homes. Way back in 1998 when the very first partially translucent Bondi Blue iMac came out, it got everyone talking and also revitalised Apple at a time when it was struggling. Shortly afterward when five new candy-coloured options were introduced, they became the de facto way to advertise that

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Intel NUC 11 Pro (NUC11TNKi5) Review: Tiny Package, Big Potential

Tiny PCs make a lot of sense in homes and offices where there isn’t enough space for full-sized desktop towers. Not everyone needs top-end hardware with elaborate cooling mechanisms and multiple hard drives – and much of the volume inside today’s PC cabinets is actually empty thanks to increased integration. If you can get all your work done on a laptop, you’re already using components that can be packed into much smaller spaces. So why aren’t tiny PCs, such as Intel’s NUC lineup, more popular?

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. Not a lot of people know that such

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Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU603HR) Review: Have Slim and Light Gaming Laptops Finally Arrived?

Gaming laptops have a huge market in India, especially now that retail high-end desktop PC components are harder to buy than ever. Many people have chosen gaming laptops over desktops because they prefer compact, versatile machines that can serve for work as well as entertainment, but there have often been limits in terms of hardware power and immersion. Now, a new class of gaming laptops is emerging, thanks to new hardware that allows for much-improved performance in slim, practical laptops. We’re now seeing the emergence of a new category with 16-inch 1440p displays, thanks to the latest CPUs and GPUs

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