AI, Edge Computing Top Priorities for UK Strategic Command

DSEI NEWS: AI, Edge Computing Top Priorities for U.K. Strategic Command

LONDON — Industry needs to focus on three key areas of technology development to ensure advantage for the United Kingdom and its allies, said the commander of the country’s Strategic Command Sept. 14.

Gen. Sir Patrick Sanders implored industry to help the U.K. military reach its goal of multi-domain integration by developing synthetic training environments, sensors and edge computing, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. The armed forces need to harness the speed of commercial technology to compete with adversaries Russia and China, he said.

“We urgently need to

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3 Ways Edge SEO Can Improve the Enterprise Ecommerce Experience

Working with and optimizing large ecommerce websites comes with two major challenges: acquiring users through organic search, then converting those visitors.

While conversion might not strictly fall into the realms of SEO, unless the traffic we bring to the client’s website converts and helps them meet their objectives, it may as well not exist.

This is why it’s important that we don’t just look at traffic and keywords, but also the search experience from SERP to achieving their goal/endpoint on the client site.

Edge SEO uses edge computing technologies to create new SEO implementation, testing, and research processes outside of

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