How Can Interactive Content Impact an SEO Strategy?

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What comes to your mind when you think about your SEO strategy?

Link building? Backlinks? Keywords?

Well, although these are great pillars of an SEO strategy, they are also what everybody else is focusing their attention on.

And you don’t want to use the same tactics as the competition, right?

You want to invest your time and money in something new yet effective – like interactive content.

Yep, this may seem like a weird idea at first.

You might not believe this,

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A Complete Guide to Updating Content for Maximum SEO Value

The process of content creation never stops.

Whether you’ve just published a piece of content that jumped instantly to page one in the SERPs or you have aging content on your domain that has been sitting unvisited for years, there is always room to review and make changes.

In this article, you’ll learn about this process of revision and why it’s important for every domain.

Plus, we’ll provide you with a checklist that will make your content revisions quicker and more consistent.

Why You Should Revise Your Content

Different content demands revisions for different reasons. Here are a few of

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How To Optimize Your Content For SEO And Social Media Marketing

Jessica is the Founder & CEO of Valux Digital, a nationally recognized full-service marketing and PR firm. 

With more businesses opening up again after the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, content optimization has arguably never been more important. Online platforms are a crucial stop on the path to supercharging online engagement. Content is key.

In order to compete online, businesses should focus on content optimization. As brands, we should ensure that our content is written in such a way that it engages our target personas. Of course, to engage them, our content has to reach them in

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