Bijoy Saha is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist. This well known multitalented youngster is also recognized as a Rapper, Musician, Composer, Songwriter & Stage Singer. From childhood music was always one of his core interests. Bijoy Saha has composed about 120 songs and released 5 complete albums till now.

He has performed countless stage performances across the country, mostly in Dhaka city. He is considered one of the most emerging young musicians in Bangladesh’s music industry.

Bijoy Saha is also a SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & Investor. Since 2012 he is leading Bangladesh’s Digital Marketing sector with passion, excellence & strong leadership. Beginning was just like browsing the internet, gathering knowledge and thinking about every possibility.

In 2012, Internet Marketing was not a common word. The idea of marketing through the internet was not so much unfamiliar to other countries, but Bangladesh was just entering the IT era at that time.

A handful of talented youngsters like Bijoy Saha was the spark of that era in Bangladesh. They discovered the true potential, the hidden power of the internet and unleashed them.

Bijoy Saha began practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and different other marketing techniques at the very moment.

Soon he realized his marketing technique would be unstoppable if he could own marketing platforms. “It was like, I didn’t want to pay for TV channels to show my ads, rather I bought TV Channels.” Bijoy Saha said. “Why did I mention TV Channels, you know? Because Digital Marketing platforms are just like TV Channels. They work exactly the same way, but virtually.”

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He said, “To boost up my social media marketing power I developed and sometimes bought the largest local and international Facebook page, YouTube Channels, Niche Sites and different Digital Properties. I had a massive amount of traffic or audience whatever you say at that time & more traffic = more money ”

Because of his Digital Marketing Skills and Market Analysis power he developed a massive network of micro-niche websites boosted by an unstoppable power of SEO and Social Media Traffic.

With AdSense Partner Program, Amazon Affiliate and different Premium Third Party Ads Networks he earned thousands of Dollars and became Millionaire before his graduation & became one of the most successful young entrepreneurs and businessmen in Bangladesh.

Bijoy Saha always likes to talk about the future. Whenever someone wants to get advice from him, he says, “learn”, “there’s a lot of opportunity for you to learn. You don’t need to pay for them. Whatever you want to know, search on Google or YouTube.

You nearly get everything you need to start Digital Marketing.” “And… yes, you will need to have patience & to do hard work to become successful in this competitive market.”

There is a great number of unemployed talented young people in our society. They are also doing great in Freelancing & Digital Marketing, but Mr. Bijoy Saha is just like a Phoenix that is raised from the ashes of completely nothing.

Society was not helping, relatives were not supportive & resources were not enough at that time, rather he succeeded and till now he is. But, that’s another inspiring story to tell. Let it be kept for another day.